BLACKPINK JENNIE Makes Everyone at the Airport Turn to Her with Her Cute Look

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 10, 2019

BLACKPINK JENNIE Makes Everyone at the Airport Turn to Her with Her Cute Look
K-pop girl group BLACKPINK's member JENNIE caught the eye of everyone at the airport by showing up there as the cutest grizzly bear.

On December 9, JENNIE arrived at Incheon International Airport to catch a flight to Beijing, China.

Since it was a freezing day, JENNIE had styled herself accordingly.JENNIEJENNIE put a fluffy brown scarf around her neck, which was attached with a hood that had bear ear-like shapes at the top.

As she had put the hood on, she almost looked like a baby grizzly bear.

In addition to that, JENNIE held a brown bag in the shape of a baby grizzly bear that looked just like her.JENNIEHer appearance was so cute that when people saw her, they continuously repeated saying, "Oh my god! She looks so cute!"

As if she knew how cute she looked, she posed for them to take photos of her for ages before entering the airport.
JENNIELater on, JENNIE updated her Instagram with photos of her posing with this adorable scarf.

The photos showed grizzly bear JENNIE in her seat, waiting for the flight to take off.

Along with the photos, JENNIE wrote, "Baby it's cold outside."

In the comment section, fans left comments such as, "Awww cute! I want that scarf as well!", "This is the cutest thing I've seen today.", "Cuteness overload!" and so on.JENNIEJENNIEMeanwhile, BLACKPINK is reportedly getting ready to make a comeback in the beginning of next year.

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