VIDEO: TXT BEOMGYU Spotted Showing a Thoughtful Gesture to BTS JUNGKOOK

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 11, 2019

VIDEO: TXT BEOMGYU Spotted Showing a Thoughtful Gesture to BTS JUNGKOOK
BEOMGYU of K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER(TXT) was spotted showing a thoughtful gesture to JUNGKOOK of another boy group BTS at '2019 MAMA'.

On December 4, an annual awards ceremony '2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards' (2019 MAMA) took place at Nagoya Dome in Nagoya, Japan.

During the awards ceremony, Big Hit Entertainment's labelmates TXT and BTS sat next to one another.TXT and BTSWhile boy group ATEEZ was covering disbanded girl group miss A's hit song 'Good-bye Baby', all members of TXT and BTS watched the performance through a small screen in front of them.

Although it was a bit further for him, JUNGKOOK was watching it through the screen on TXT's side for some reason.

About halfway through the performance, BEOMGYU happened to turn his head a bit to the side.TXT and BTSThat was when BEOMGYU noticed JUNGKOOK looking at TXT's screen instead of BTS' screen.

BEOMGYU thought for a while on his seat, and got up and walked towards his group's screen.

Then, he turned the screen slightly around to JUNGKOOK's direction so that he could get a better view of it.TXTAfter BEOMGYU had turned the screen for him, JUNGKOOK looked at BEOMGYU and shook his hands side to side with a smile as if saying, "Oh no, that really isn't necessary."

In response to this, BEOMGYU just laughed and politely pointed at the screen while nodding his head, seeming like he was saying, "No, it's fine. Please enjoy yourself."

Fans are currently totally in love with this another adorable Big Hit seonbae(senior)-hoobae(junior) moment.
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