"Into the Unknown!" Kang So-ra Channeled Her Inner Elsa from 'FROZEN II'

Dec 11, 2019

"Into the Unknown!" Kang So-ra Channeled Her Inner Elsa from 'FROZEN II'
Actress Kang So-ra made her fans burst into laughter by channeling her inner 'Elsa' from Disney's animated film 'FROZEN II'.

On December 10, Kang So-ra took her Instagram to share two videos of herself covering the main song of 'FROZEN II'―'Into the Unknown'.
FROZEN IIIn the videos, Kang So-ra, dressed up in a white jumpsuit, starts parodying the scenes from 'FROZEN II' where Elsa wanders around her castle to find the source of the voice.
Kang So-raKang So-ra turns her waiting room, hallways, and the elevator into her stage, imitating Elsa's magical movements and facial expressions while lip syncing 'Into the Unknown' so perfectly.

Of course, her overly exaggerated yet adorable facial expressions and the way how she turned her everyday situation into the Kingdom of Arendelle were brilliant enough to go viral online.
Kang So-raUpon watching her cute cover of 'Into the Unknown', fans commented, "Unnie, you're so talented!", "This is hilarious, but seriously, it's time for you to make a musical debut!", "My No.1 Korean Elsa for sure.", and more.

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Meanwhile, Kang So-ra is set to make her big screen comeback with a movie titled 'I Won't Hurt You', which is scheduled to hit the theaters in January next year.

(Credit= Walt Disney Company Korea, 'reveramess_' Instagram)

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