SEJEONG Reveals Why She Does Not Want to Get Close to IU

Dec 11, 2019

SEJEONG Reveals Why She Does Not Want to Get Close to IU
SEJEONG of K-pop girl group gugudan revealed the most unexpected reason why she does not want to get close to her role model, singer/actress IU.

On December 9, SEJEONG guested on MBC's radio program 'Idol Radio'.
SEJEONGKnown to be a huge fan of IU, SEJEONG talked about her experience of going to IU's recent concert.

She said, "IU sunbaenim sings live so well! When I was there at her concert, I felt like I was in heaven or something," and encouraged the listeners to go to IU's concert as well.
SEJEONGSEJEONG also sent a video letter to IU, saying, "I've practiced and enjoyed listening to your songs since I was in middle school. I'm always here cheering for you."

She cutely added, "I don't want to be close to you, though. I just want to look from distance and remain as your good fan. I love you so much. Thank you for posting my video on your Instagram story the other day," referring to the time when IU shared SEJEONG's cover of her song 'Above the Time' on her Instagram account.
SEJEONGUpon listening to her episode, fans commented, "That's the cutest reason ever.", "It would be awesome if you could do a collaboration with IU someday.", "SEJEONG is so pure and wholeheartedly loves IU. She's just so adorable.", and more.

(Credit= MBC Idol Radio, 'dlwlrma' 'gu9udan' Instagram)

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