Kim Woo Bin Reportedly Plans to Become a Free Agent Actor

Dec 12, 2019

Kim Woo Bin Reportedly Plans to Become a Free Agent Actor
As the exclusive contract with his current management agency comes to an end, actor Kim Woo Bin is reportedly planning to become a free agent actor.

On December 12, TV Daily reported that Kim Woo Bin's exclusive contract with sidusHQ will end this December.

Kim Woo Bin has been with sidusHQ for eight years of his career.
Kim Woo Bin (Yonhap)It has not been officially confirmed that Kim Woo Bin will leave the agency, but various reports speculated that he will be a free agent actor starting from 2020.
Kim Woo Bin (Yonhap)A source from sidusHQ stated, "It is true that Kim Woo Bin's exclusive contract come to an end at the end of this year. However, nothing has been decided yet in regard to him renewing the contract or leave the agency."

The source added, "We have a special place in our hearts for Kim Woo Bin, seeing him becoming a star and suffering from cancer. We will support the actor's decision."
Kim Woo Bin (Yonhap)Kim Woo Bin joined sidusHQ in 2012 and rose to stardom after taking part in various acting projects including 'School 2013', 'The Heirs', and more.

In May 2017, however, the actor announced his hiatus for the time being after he was diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer.

Kim Woo Bin recently made his comeback with his appearance at this year's 'Blue Dragon Awards' as an award presenter and his fan meeting.

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