DINDIN Expresses Happiness After Receiving G-DRAGON's Sneakers from DARA

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 13, 2019

DINDIN Expresses Happiness After Receiving G-DRAGON's Sneakers from DARA
Hip-hop artist DINDIN received G-DRAGON of K-pop boy group BIGBANG's special collaborated sneakers from K-pop artist DARA.

Recently, G-DRAGON teamed up with one top sports brand to create exclusive sneakers.

They were limited edition sneakers, so were given to G-DRAGON's close friends, and only a handful of people could purchase them.

As DINDIN is known to be a huge fan of G-DRAGON, he very likely had been in search of those sneakers, but failed in the end.G-DRAGONThen on December 12, DINDIN shared exciting news and photos of himself on Instagram that caught the eye of everyone.

In the first photo, DINDIN was showing off G-DRAGON collaborated sneakers next to DARA.

The next photo showed DINDIN bowing to those sneakers in the chair by completely kneeling down on the ground.DINDINIn the caption, DINDIN wrote, "DARA asked me for my shoe size the other day and gave me G-DRAGON's sneakers as a gift. When she gave them to me, she said, 'You should be wearing these more than anyone else.' Oh man, this is so crazy!"

He continued, "DARA must be an angel without wings. This is the most touching surprise gift I've received this year. Even my own sisters wouldn't go this far for me. I honestly still can't believe it. I love you, DARA! You are the best."DINDINUnder this post, DARA left a comment with pride, "Yay! I did what everyone in Korea probably hoped for!"

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