VIDEO: Halsey & BTS Give the Sweetest Gift to Each Other

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 13, 2019

VIDEO: Halsey & BTS Give the Sweetest Gift to Each Other
American singer Halsey and the members of K-pop boy group BTS were seen exchanging gifts ahead of Christmas.

On December 6, both Halsey and BTS attended an annual music festival '2019 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball' that took place in Los Angeles, the United States.

On this day, Halsey and BTS performed their collaborative track 'Boy With Luv' together.HalseyThen on December 12, Halsey unveiled a video that showed what went on backstage at '2019 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in LA' with BTS.

When they were standing around together, BTS handed a thick black case that had "Halsey" written in sparkly pink.

BTS members urged Halsey to open it, and when she did, she screamed in happiness after seeing a gold sparkly customized microphone in it.HalseyIn the interview, Halsey said, "So, the first time we ever performed 'Boy With Luv' together, I was making a joke that they all had sparkly microphones and I felt left out."

She continued, "BTS gifted me my own sparkly microphone. It was really thoughtful of them. It was amazing that I got to use it as well."HalseyAfter receiving this special gift from BTS, Halsey said, "I make a Christmas stocking for my two little brothers every year. I got them for you guys, too."

The seven members of BTS went over to grab one huge Christmas stocking each from the back.

RM commented, "Wow, this is the biggest sock I've ever seen in my life!"

JIN also said with his voice full of excitement, "Whoa! It's very very very cute."

After going through the things inside the stocking, V held up a candle and told Halsey, "This is my favorite candle."

Meanwhile, Halsey and SUGA recently collaborated for the second time for a song titled 'SUGA's Interlude'.

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