VIDEO: IU Cutely Responds to a Fan's Most Random Question

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 13, 2019

VIDEO: IU Cutely Responds to a Fan's Most Random Question
K-pop artist IU cutely responded to a fan asking her the most random question.

On December 11, IU arrived at Incheon International Airport to catch a flight to Manila, the Philippines for her ongoing concert tour 'Love, Poem'.

On this day, a great number of fans waited for her at the airport and clustered around her as she appeared.

Even though it was hard for her to move due to the crowd, IU still smiled and posed for fans' camera.IUThis was when one fan threw her a never-heard-of question, "Unnie, do you also sing 'The Red Shoes' when you are lost?"

'The Red Shoes' is one of IU's hit songs from 2013 that starts with the lyrics, "I'm lost, where do I go from here?"

When IU heard this question, she immediately sang "I'm lost." part and started laughing.

After that, IU told the fan with a huge smile on her face, "No, I actually don't sing 'The Red Shoes' when I'm lost. I've never done that before."IUFans found this question so interesting, and it seemed like IU found it very intriguing as well.

Now, they are currently laughing at how cutely IU responded to the question.
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