BTS RM Makes Fans Laugh by Telling How Many AirPods He Has Lost So Far

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 16, 2019

BTS RM Makes Fans Laugh by Telling How Many AirPods He Has Lost So Far
K-pop boy group BTS' leader RM shared how many AirPods he has lost so far and fans are unable to stop laughing after hearing it.

On December 15, RM held a live broadcast for about 50 minutes.

During the live broadcast, RM shared one funny story that happened due to him being a master at losing things.

After reading a fan's comment that said, "I bought my AirPods yesterday, but lost them today. I'm really upset, oppa.", RM excitedly commented, "I just found my kind of person."RMRM laughed and explained, "It's really common for me to lose my AirPods, so..."

He continued, "You know how all the names of your AirPods go on your Bluetooth list, right? My list is unbelievably long. To many of my AirPods around the world, are you guys doing alright over there?"RMWhen asked how many AirPods he has bought again so far, he answered, "The AirPods that I have now are probably my 34th ones."

He went on, "That means I bought 33 AirPods again so far.", then sighed and shook his head side to side.

After this live broadcast, fans left comments such as, "That is just so RM thing to do.", "To be quite honest, I'm not surprised. I mean, he seriously loses things all the time.", "This cracks me up!" and so on.
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