HeeChul Shares How Fussy Kim Jong-kook Was When He Dated His Ex-girlfriend

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 16, 2019

HeeChul Shares How Fussy Kim Jong-kook Was When He Dated His Ex-girlfriend
K-pop boy group Super Junior's member HeeChul shared how fussy singer Kim Jong-kook used to be when he was dating his ex-girlfriend.

On December 15 episode of SBS' television show 'My Little Old Boy', HeeChul revealed Kim Jong-kook's past.

In this episode, 'My Little Old Boy' showed Kim Jong-kook, HeeChul, hip-hop artist DINDIN and singer Lee Sang Min casually talking about their past in one afternoon.Kim Jong-kook, HeeChulKim Jong-kook, HeeChulDuring their conversation, HeeChul suddenly said, "Oh, I just remembered one of Jong-kook's ex-girlfriends telling me about Jong-kook in the past. It was about 10 years ago, but apparently, Jong-kook was extremely fussy about everything."

HeeChul went on, "I heard that he even stopped her from getting a driver's license, because he thought it would be too dangerous."

He added, "She said that Jong-kook was a great person and gave her lots of love, but he was a little too particular for her. Jong-kook had many of these set rules, and it was too hard for her to understand them."

In response to this remark, Kim Jong-kook awkwardly laughed and explained, "I don't push my girlfriend to do or not do anything though. As for the driver's license, I was still young at that time, and just worried that she would get involved in a car accident or something."

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