SF9 JAE YOON & TAE YANG Make Kimchi for Fans & Fans Laugh After Tasting It

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 17, 2019

SF9 JAE YOON & TAE YANG Make Kimchi for Fans & Fans Laugh After Tasting It
K-pop boy group SF9's members JAE YOON and TAE YANG gifted some self-made kimchi to fans.

On December 15, a recording for MBC's holiday special variety show 'The Idol Star Athletics Championships' took place at Namdong Gymnasium, Incheon.SF9As the recording starts early in the morning and finishes late at night, K-pop groups prepared and gave their fans meals during the recording.

For lunch, bossam (thinly sliced boiled pork belly) and kimchi were given to FANTASY (the name of SF9's fandom).

To their surprise, they were given kimchi that JAE YOON and TAE YANG had made themselves.

Since kimchi is not easy to make and FANTASY had recently seen JAE YOON and TAE YANG making kimchi through a YouTube video, they were very much excited to actually try it.

Soon after FANTASY were given their lunch, however, loud laughs started coming from the area in the stadium where they were sitting.

It turned out the taste of kimchi was so horrible that they just could not stop laughing together.TAE YANG and JAE YOONLater, some FANTASY shared their opinion about JAE YOON and TAE YANG's kimchi online.

They laughingly commented, "I'm not going to lie. It tasted terrible haha. But at least I could taste their love.", "For some bizarre reason, it tasted like cabbage soaked in vinegar and soda!", "I had no idea that kimchi could even taste like this. We deeply appreciate your effort though. Thank you, boys!" and so on.

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