VIDEO: Jessica Shares What Similarities & Differences She Has with Krystal

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 17, 2019

VIDEO: Jessica Shares What Similarities & Differences She Has with Krystal
K-pop artist Jessica shared what similarities and differences she has with her younger sister Krystal of K-pop girl group f(x).

Recently, fashion magazine W Korea uploaded a video of Jessica's interview on YouTube.JessicaDuring the interview, Jessica was asked whether she thought she had a good athletic ability or not.

Jessica answered, "I've never been so athletic, really. But I've been taking Pilates classes and working out a lot, so I feel like I've become more athletic than before. I'm not very good at things that demand long term efforts though. I'm much better at short term stuff."
JessicaThe K-pop star continued, "My parents were athletes. They were each a gymnast and boxer. So, Krystal is noticeably athletic, unlike me."

She added, "Krystal and I are actually extremely different to each other. From our taste in music to fashion... We tend to like completely opposite things."JessicaThen, the interviewer asked, "In that case, what do you two have in common?"

Jessica immediately gave her answer, "We are both foodies. We love going around together searching for good restaurants."

She laughingly went on, "Our love for food is so great that it takes up about 80 percent of our conversation."

Although, Jessica and Krystal are five years apart, they are known to be very close to one another.

They are often referred to as 'Jung' sisters after their family name 'Jung'.

(Credit= 'W Korea 더블유 코리아' YouTube, 'jessica.syj' Instagram)

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