A Staff Member Pulled LOONA Chuu's Hair; The Production Team Delivers Apology

Dec 17, 2019

A Staff Member Pulled LOONA Chuu's Hair; The Production Team Delivers Apology
The production team of MBC's '2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships' (2020 ISAC) has released an official apology regarding their staff member who grabbed and pulled Chuu of K-pop girl group LOONA's hair during filming.

On December 16, a video went viral online showing a staff member of '2020 ISAC' disrespectfully grabbing and pulling Chuu's hair to get her attention for and interview.
ChuuIn the video, the members of LOONA could be seen in a circle talking, when a male staff member walks up behind Chuu.

Instead of calling her name or tapping on her shoulder, the staff member pulled Chuu's hair, and Chuu noticeably leaned back due to this unexpected force.
2020 ISACFans of LOONA have started trending a hashtag '#아육대_스태프_사과해' (which can be translated into #ISAC_Staff_Apologize'), demanding the production team a sincere apology and explanation for the incident.

Then on December 17, the production team of '2020 ISAC' issued an official statement of apology.
2020 ISACThe team stated, "During the filming of '2020 ISAC' on December 16, one staff member disrespectfully pulled LOONA member Chuu's hair while preparing for an interview. We would like to express our sincere apology to LOONA's Chuu, all related personnel, as well as the fans."

They continued, "The staff member is heavily reflecting on his actions, and delivered his personal, sincere apology to LOONA's Chuu. Once again, we apologize for causing discomfort and concern to many people due to our staff member's negligence, and we promise to put our efforts to prevent such incidents from occurring again."
(Credit= 'Jinsoul_Chuu' 'loonatheworld' Twitter, MBC) 

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