VIDEO: Cha Eun-woo Sweetly Tries to Remove a Sticker on the Bottom of Yoona's Shoe

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 17, 2019

VIDEO: Cha Eun-woo Sweetly Tries to Remove a Sticker on the Bottom of Yoona's Shoe
K-pop boy group ASTRO's member Cha Eun-woo's gentlemanly behavior to girl group Girls' Generation's member Yoona was captured on camera.

On December 17, some lucky fans and passersby saw Yoona and Cha Eun-woo shooting something near MBC Headquarters in Sangam-dong, Seoul.Yoona and Cha Eun-wooThe two stars had dressed themselves in a similar style and color of clothes that matched well together.

They were there surrounded by lots of cameras for ages, and were constantly seen laughing with each other during breaks.Yoona and Cha Eun-wooYoona and Cha Eun-wooAt one point, Cha Eun-woo was spotted being the most gentleman as well.

It happened during shooting when they had to stare into each other's eye.

While doing so, Yoona took a step back, but lost her balance for a second after missing her step.

She immediately burst into laughter and covered her mouth in embarrassment.YoonaThat was when Cha Eun-woo noticed a white sticker attached on the bottom of one of her shoes.

He then tried to get rid of it by stepping on the sticker with his foot.

Yoona, however, unfortunately failed to notice what Cha Eun-woo was doing for her, because she was too busy laughing.

A few seconds after that, Yoona's staff rushed to remove the sticker on her shoe.
It is assumed that Cha Eun-woo and Yoona were filming a teaser video for MBC's annual end-of-year music festival 'MBC Gayo Daejejeon' in which they were chosen as the hosts for the third consecutive year.

(Credit= 'NF_haedal' Twitter, Online Community)

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