A Fan Throws a Brand-new Phone to Stage During EXO Concert?

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 18, 2019

A Fan Throws a Brand-new Phone to Stage During EXO Concert?
K-pop boy group EXO's leader SUHO unexpectedly received a brand-new phone from a fan during the group's recent concert in Malaysia.

On December 14, EXO's ongoing concert tour 'EXO Planet #5 - EXplOration' took place at Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur.

On this day, EXO managed to impress as well as entertain thousands of Malaysian fans with amazing performances and fun talks.EXOIn the middle of this concert while the members of EXO were talking to fans, something unexpected happened; one fan had thrown a phone on stage.

It landed right in front of SUHO, and he could not quite figure out what it was at first.

SUHO picked it up, stared down at it for some time, and shook the case to check if there really was something inside the box.

It turned out to be the latest generation of iPhone in a hard black box wrapped in a transparent plastic cover as if it was completely new.SUHOSUHOThen, SUHO turned to CHANYEOL and showed it to him while explaining where he had found it.

When CHANYEOL learned what it was, they both burst out laughing at this unusual situation.

According to fans, SUHO left the stage without taking the phone with him though.

He apparently placed it on the side of the stage for staff members to take care of it.EXOAlthough EXO members simply laughed it off, a lot of fans heavily criticized the fan who threw the phone on stage.

They claimed that it very possibly could have hurt a member of EXO, staff member or fan.

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