Jung Hae In Gets Scouted by an American Reality Show Producer in NYC?

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 19, 2019

Jung Hae In Gets Scouted by an American Reality Show Producer in NYC?
Actor Jung Hae In unexpectedly got scouted by an American reality show producer while walking around New York City, the United States.

On December 17, the fourth episode of KBS' television show 'Jung Hae In's Following the Walk' (literal title) was aired.

In this episode, Jung Hae In met two of his friends, and was seen exploring Brooklyn with them.Jung Hae InWhile they were strolling around the borough, one guy started filming them with a professional camera.

They had no idea who he was nor what was going on, but waved at the camera anyway.Jung Hae InA few moments later, the guy came up to their guide and explained the situation.

It turned out he was a television show producer, who was planning on producing a new documentary-reality show.

He said that he really liked the three of them and wanted them to be on his show if possible.

He then gave the guide his contact information and left.Jung Hae InJung Hae InAfter hearing this, Jung Hae In excitedly commented, "Seriously? Wow, this is awesome. Am I making it to the States now?"

The actor continued with voice full of disappointment, "I honestly appreciate his offer, but we'll unfortunately have to turn that down, because we're here in New York City to film our show."Jung Hae InFor some time after that though, Jung Hae In could not stop going on about what just happened to them.

He kept on saying, "I still can't believe that we got scouted by a producer for an American show earlier!"Jung Hae In(Credit= KBS Jung Hae In's Following the Walk)

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