VIDEO: IU Always Forces Herself to Smile When There Is a Camera Around?

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 19, 2019

VIDEO: IU Always Forces Herself to Smile When There Is a Camera Around?
K-pop artist IU was spotted hilariously forcing a smile when there was a camera around.

On December 14, IU unveiled a behind-the-scenes video of herself shooting the music video for her latest title track 'Blueming'.

The video was of IU having an extremely busy day at the shooting site for her music video.

The shooting went on for hours, and she had to get changed a lot of times in between the scenes as well.

As a result, she started to show signs of exhaustion in the middle of it.IUDuring the break, one of her staff members asked her, "What do you think of the shooting today?"

IU smiled in the most awkward way and stammered saying, "It's... It's fun."

Then, the staff jokingly said to her, "In that case, your smile needs to be broader. Show me more of your teeth!"

With a broad but awkward smile, IU said, "It's really fun. I love shooting music videos. It's my favorite thing to do."IUDuring the next break when IU was sighing in the corner, looking all worn out, the same staff went up to her with his camera.

After seeing her sigh, he told her, "Hey, you have to smile. You are being filmed right now."

IU then immediately put the brightest smile on her face, making the staff laugh.

She was so cute in these parts of the video that she managed to deliver happiness to many of her fans.

(Credit= '이지금 [IU Official]' YouTube)

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