Park Sun-ho Shares How Much Lee Dong Wook Still Cares for All 'Produce X 101' Contestants

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 20, 2019

Park Sun-ho Shares How Much Lee Dong Wook Still Cares for All 'Produce X 101' Contestants
Actor Park Sun-ho shared how much actor Lee Dong Wook still cares for all 'Produce X 101' contestants.

On December 20, fashion magazine @star1 released Park Sun-ho's recent interview along with photos from his photo shoot.

During the interview, Park Sun-ho recalled the time when he participated in Mnet's survival audition show 'Produce X 101' as one of the 101 contestants earlier this year.

Park Sun-ho said, "Although I didn't make it to the top 11, I'm not disappointed about that at all."

He continued, "Thanks to this show, I was able to make some of my long-time dreams come true. It was such a meaningful time for me."Park Sun-hoThen, Park Sun-ho mentioned Lee Dong Wook, who hosted 'Produce X 101 ' as the representative of "the national producers".

Park Sun-ho said, "We have this group chat where all contestants are there. Dong Wook is also there. We still keep in frequent touch with each other through that group chat."

He went on, "I sometimes meet and spend some time with Dong Wook. When I ask him things regarding acting, he always gives me great advice. The other day, some contestants and I went over to his place and hung out together as well."Park Sun-ho'Produce X 101' aired from May until July, and the top 11 contestants with the most votes from "the national producers" made debut as K-pop boy group X1 on August 27.

At the moment, however, there is an ongoing vote rigging controversy surrounding the show.

Previously in the beginning of the month, Lee Dong Wook shared his words regarding the controversy.

He said, "I still talk to the contestants, and we would share thoughts with each other. But yeah, I do feel that it's quite unfortunate that it all turned out this way."

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