KyuHyun Shares the Top 3 Craziest Members of Super Junior

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 23, 2019

KyuHyun Shares the Top 3 Craziest Members of Super Junior
K-pop boy group Super Junior KyuHyun shared the top three craziest members of the group that they concluded themselves.

On December 22 episode of SBS 'My Little Old Boy', KyuHyun made a guest appearance.
Super JuniorDuring the talk, KyuHyun talked about how crazy he thinks his fellow members are.

KyuHyun said, "There are so many crazy guys within Super Junior. Before I joined the group, I thought I was a bit unusual. It turned out that I was normal though. That is how seriously insane Super Junior members are."Super JuniorThe K-pop star continued, "There might be less crazy members of Super Junior, but nobody is completely normal."

He added, "At one point, we sat around and rated our craziness. We concluded that LeeTeuk SiWon, YeSung were the top three craziest ones out of us."

Then, Seo Jang Hoon curiously asked, "What about HeeChul? He's pretty crazy, isn't he?"

KyuHyun laughed and responded, "Actually, HeeChul is a normal person who pretends like he is crazy."Super JuniorSuper Junior(Credit= SBS My Little Old Boy, SM Entertainment)

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