GFRIEND YERIN Goes to Red Velvet's Concert to Show Support to JOY

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 23, 2019

GFRIEND YERIN Goes to Red Velvet's Concert to Show Support to JOY
K-pop girl group GFRIEND's member YERIN went to another girl group Red Velvet's concert to show support to her dear friend JOY.

On December 20, GFRIEND's management agency SOURCE MUSIC uploaded a new video on their YouTube.

The video was of YERIN at backstage with JOY before and after Red Velvet's most recent concert 'La Rouge' in Seoul.Red VelvetWhen YERIN arrived at the venue, the first thing YERIN did was to give a box of egg tart to JOY while saying, "You said you wanted some egg tarts, so here they are!"

Following that, YERIN told JOY, "Well, I'm going to turn the camera off and go now."

As soon as JOY heard this, she hurriedly grabbed YERIN's camera and said, "What? You didn't even film me much at all. Film more of me!"JOY and YERINThen, JOY asked YERIN what she reminded her of, with eyes expecting her to say a certain answer.

YERIN took a look at JOY's overall appearance and said, "You remind me of a rose? Am I right?"

JOY gave YERIN a big hug and said, "Yes, you are!"JOY and YERINAfter the concert, YERIN met JOY again and said to the camera, "JOY cried so much, everyone!"

JOY responded, "I didn't cry on stage at all, but I ended up crying after I came down from it."

Then, YERIN commented, "You looked gorgeous during the concert, by the way. You really looked like a beautiful rose."

JOY smiled ear to ear and said, "Awww! Thank you!"

(Credit= 'SOURCE MUSIC' YouTube, SM Entertainment)

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