VIDEO: Block B P.O Eats Rice Off His Best Friend WINNER MINO's Lips?

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 23, 2019

VIDEO: Block B P.O Eats Rice Off His Best Friend WINNER MINO's Lips?
P.O of K-pop boy group Block B proved how close he is with his best friend another boy group MINO of WINNER by eating rice off his lips.

On a recent episode of tvN's television show 'New Journey to the West 7', the cast took part in a game that allowed them to take a single bite of food each time when they won a round.

P.O, MINO and KyuHyun of boy group Super Junior were in the same team, and happened to win a round of game.MINOThey were then given some rice and marinated grilled beef as a prize.

Since they could only take a bite, they tried to put as much food on their spoon as possible.

Consequently, their mouths overflew with food, and they all struggled to chew and swallow it afterwards.MINOOut of the three though, MINO was the greediest one; while P.O and KyuHyun at least managed to put everything into their mouth, MINO could not even fit it.

A chunk of rice ended up staying around just outside of MINO's lips, looking completely lost.

Right then, P.O took the rice off MINO's lips with his hand and put it into his mouth.
After watching this, a lot of people commented on how surprised they were to see P.O eating the rice instead of throwing it away.

They wrote comments such as, "I know that they are best friends, but I'm shocked that he ate that rice. I can't even imagine doing that with my best friend!", "Wow, they must be super close.", "P.O is like MINO's mother!" and so on.

(Credit= tvN New Journey to the West 7)

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