Kang Daniel Makes a Meaningful Donation in DANITY's Name

Dec 24, 2019

Kang Daniel Makes a Meaningful Donation in DANITY's Name
Singer Kang Daniel has made a meaningful donation to help those in need under his fan club DANITY's name ahead of the holidays.

On December 24, Kang Daniel's management agency KONNECT Entertainment revealed that the singer recently made a donation of 30 million won (approximately 25,800 dollars) to a welfare organization called 'Snail of Love'.

According to the agency, the donation will be used to provide cochlear implants and hearing aids to those in need, and it was made under the name of DANITY.
Kang DanielIn addition, KONNECT Entertainment also donated 31,000 coal briquettes to Korea Coal Bank, which provides free coal briquettes to underprivileged homes.
Kang DanielThe agency said, "Kang Daniel wanted more people to spend a warm Christmas. He recently celebrated his birthday on December 10, and many fans extended a helping hand to those in need in celebration of his birthday."

They continued, "Ahead of Christmas, Kang Daniel himself also made the donation to repay the love and support that was given from the fans."
Kang DanielMeanwhile, Kang Daniel is currently halting all activities after announcing that he was diagnosed with depression and psychological anxiety.

(Credit= KONNECT Entertainment, Baik Seung-chul/SBS funE)

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