IU Asks Her Overseas Fans This One Important Question

Dec 24, 2019

IU Asks Her Overseas Fans This One Important Question
Singer/actress IU asked her overseas fans this one simple yet important question, "Are there lots of UAENAs there?"

Recently, IU opened up a quick Q&A session through her Instagram to receive questions from her beloved fans.
IUSince IU is currently busy visiting various cities all across Asia as part of her tour 'LOVE, POEM', many fans asked IU whether she plans to visit their countries as well.

From Italy, Australia to Canada, it seems like overseas UAENAs (IU's official fan club) wished their favorite singer to visit their city and hold a concert there too.
IUIU responded back to their questions with a same question, "Are there lots of UAENAS there?", as if she would seriously consider their cities as the next stop for 'LOVE, POEM'.
IUIUTo this, fans commented, "Literally everywhere in the world!", "Can't wait for her next announcement.", "We'd love to have you here, IU!", and more.

(Credit= 'dlwlrma' Instagram, Kakao M)

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