Fans Find BTS V "Begging" His Leader RM So Cute

Dec 27, 2019

Fans Find BTS V "Begging" His Leader RM So Cute
Fans of K-pop boy group BTS can't get enough of the cutest interaction between V and RM when they have slept next to each other for the first time since debut.

On the latest episode of BTS' travel variety show 'BTS Bon Voyage Season 4', V and RM became the roommates for the night.
V, RMAccording to V, this was the very first moment for the two BTS members to sleep next to each other since their debut in 2013.

Then V became all needy to RM, begging him if he could hug him or at least hold his hand while sleeping.

Their conversation went:

V: This is our first time sleeping next to each other since we debuted. Can I hug you while I sleep?

RM: Don't you think it's too much? Let's respect the distance between us.

V: You do like me, right?

RM: Of course! But that's different from sleeping in each other's arms.

V: Then can I hold your hand, at least?
Fans find this interaction between V and RM so cute, and trended V's words "Can I just hold your hand?" online.

They also commented, "This is so cute. V is such a baby boy.", "Namjoon's reaction though LOL!", "I just love this duo.", and more.
V, RM(Credit= 'etoile_809' Twitter, 'BANGTANTV' YouTube, Big Hit Entertainment)

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