Girl's Day Hyeri & BLACKPINK ROSE Share How Close They Are

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 30, 2019

Girl's Day Hyeri & BLACKPINK ROSE Share How Close They Are
Hyeri of K-pop girl group Girl's Day and ROSÉ of another girl group BLACKPINK shared how close they are.

On December 28 episode of tvN's talk show 'Amazing Saturday', Hyeri and ROSÉ showed off their rock-solid friendship.ROSEDuring the talk, one of the hosts Boom asked ROSÉ, "Didn't you and Hyeri become close through this show? How did it all start?"

ROSÉ answered, "Ah Yes, it did indeed. Actually, Hyeri asked me for my number. I was really nervous in front of her, because not only was I a huge fan of her, but she also has many more years of experience in this field that I do."

She continued, "When she came up to me and asked me for my number, my heart almost skipped a beat. I was really touched as well."ROSEThen, Boom asked whether if they meet up often.

ROSÉ responded, "We sure do. She asked me for my number before I did, but I asked her to hang out together first. We usually see one another about twice a week."

Hyeri shyly laughed and added, "When we can't find time to meet up, we would generally video call each other."ROSE(Credit= tvN Amazing Saturday, 'roses_are_rosie' 'hyeri_0609' Instagram)

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