IU Shares the Biggest Lie She Has Ever Told Her Parents

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 31, 2019

IU Shares the Biggest Lie She Has Ever Told Her Parents
K-pop artist IU shared the biggest lie she has ever told her parents.

Recently, a page from 'JIEUN BOOK'―official merchandise for IU's fan club members that was released not too long ago―started going around online.

'JIEUN BOOK' contained some random questions and IU's answers to them.IUOn this particular page, it was written, "What was the biggest lie you have ever told your parents?"

Under this question, IU answered, "It is that I sleep well these days."

It seemed like IU lied to her parents, as she did not want them to worry about her.
IUHer short but honest answer is breaking many fans' hearts at the moment.

Ever since the release of 'JIEUN BOOK', they have been flooding online communities with messages to IU.

They wrote, "This breaks my heart. I really hope you sleep well.", "Don't be afraid to let your family and friends know that you're not okay sometimes. It's okay to be not okay, unnie.", "Very thoughtful of her, but please do take care of your health at all times." and so on.IU(Credit= Online Community, 'dlwlrma' Instagram)

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