Koo Hye Sun Is Planning Her Wedding at the Moment?

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 4, 2021

Koo Hye Sun Is Planning Her Wedding at the Moment?
Actress Koo Hye Sun shared that she wants to have a wedding in the future. 

On January 4 episode of KakaoTV's original show 'Face ID', Koo Hye Sun was seen talking to her friend. 
Koo Hye SunDuring the talk, Koo Hye Sun said to her friend, "I take you as my friend, but I feel like you don't." 

Koo Hye Sun's friend responded, "Well, I have to know a person at least for a year to call that person my friend. That's just how I am." 
Koo Hye SunThen, Koo Hye Sun commented, "Actually, I've been listing up some names who I want to invite to my wedding these days." 

She continued, "As you know, I didn't have a wedding the last time I got married. So, I really want to have a wedding this time." 

She went on, "There were a lot more people who I want to invite than I initially thought. I want all my favorite people to be there, and there are over 10." 
Koo Hye SunKoo Hye Sun married actor Ahn Jae Hyeon in May 2016. 

Last July, they officially divorced each other. 

(Credit= KakaoTV Face ID, 'kookoo900' Instagram)

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