JIMIN's Father Shares Why He Fully Supported JIMIN & His Dream of Becoming a K-pop Star

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 5, 2021

JIMIN's Father Shares Why He Fully Supported JIMIN & His Dream of Becoming a K-pop Star
JIMIN of K-pop boy group BTS' father revealed why he gave his full support to JIMIN about wanting to become a K-pop star. 

Recently, JIMIN's father sat down for an interview with Busan High School of Arts' magazine. 

Busan High School of Arts is a high school that JIMIN attended before he moved to Seoul to begin his K-pop training. 
JIMINDuring the interview, JIMIN's father was asked if he could talk about the talent his son had since the young age that made it possible for him to switch from modern dance to K-pop. 

JIMIN's father answered, "Let me first tell you why we decided to listen to JIMIN when he said he wanted to enter Busan High School of Arts. When he was in his last year at middle school, he wrote an essay about his future and showed it to us." 

He continued, "There, he wrote that he wanted to learn modern dance at high school, and combine that with K-pop which he has always taken a keen interest in. He concluded that his dream was to become a K-pop star one day." 

He went on, "Since when JIMIN was little, he has not only been an excellent dancer, but also a great singer. Back when JIMIN was in the fifth grade in elementary school, I remember JIMIN flawlessly singing Maya's 'Azalea'." 
JIMINHowever, JIMIN's father stated that he actually wanted JIMIN to keep studying. 

JIMIN's father said, "He was particularly good at math and science, so I wished he would go to a science high school." 

He resumed, "But I didn't oppose to JIMIN's dream, as his essay was perfect; he wrote how he wanted his life to be in such detail. JIMIN has always been very polite and mature, so I chose to respect his decision instead of going against it." 
JIMINAfter training for years, JIMIN made debut as a member of BTS in June 2013. 

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