Hyeri Thanks Taeyeon for Showing Her Love & Support

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 8, 2021

Hyeri Thanks Taeyeon for Showing Her Love & Support
Hyeri of K-pop girl group Girl's Day expressed her gratitude to another girl group Taeyeon of Girls' Generation for her love and support.  

On January 7, Hyeri updated her Instagram with a new post. 
HyeriThe post included photos of Hyeri standing in front of a pink snack truck. 

On the snack truck, it said, "I miss you so much, Hyeri! Be careful of the cold weather, and film well!" 

It also said, "Dear all the production staff and cast of 'Frightening Cohabitation', please enjoy these! From Taeyeon." 
HyeriIn the caption of this post, Hyeri wrote, "Kim Taeng-gu (Taeyeon's nickname), my love. You sent me this at the perfect time. It was freezing today." 

She resumed, "I'm so touched that I'm crying. Thank you, Taeyeon unnie. You are the best!" 

Under this commented, Taeyeon replied, "My Lee Hyeri, I love you!", showing her affection for Hyeri once again. 

Later on, Hyeri responded with another sweet comment, "I love you!" with lots of hearts. 
HyeriCurrently, Hyeri is busy filming tvN's upcoming drama 'Frightening Cohabitation' (literal translation).

(Credit= 'hyeri_0609' Instagram)

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