The Members of TXT Share How Kind & Caring BEOMGYU Is

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 15, 2021

The Members of TXT Share How Kind & Caring BEOMGYU Is
K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) members revealed that BEOMGYU has a very kind and caring nature.

Recently, some fans of BEOMGYU watched back at parts of one past live broadcast of TXT. 

In this live broadcast, the members of TXT described what BEOMGYU's real personality is like.  
TOMORROW X TOGETHERFirst, YEONJUN said, "Some time ago, I wasn't in such a good mood because things weren't going as well as I hoped." 

He continued, "I tried not to show it, but I think I pulled a little sulky face and BEOMGYU happened to notice it."

He went on, "BEOMGYU texted me and asked if I was okay. Then, he said, 'Hyung, remember that I'll always be on your side.' His words really touched my heart." 

BEOMGYU commented, "At that time, I could see that YEONJUN wasn't in such a good mood. I got worried about him."
TOMORROW X TOGETHERThen, SOOBIN said, "I also have a story to tell about BEOMGYU. One day, I was feeling too down because our comeback kept getting postponed." 

The TXT leader resumed, "That day, I didn't go to a class without telling the other guys why. So, they all texted me asking me why I wasn't coming to the class." 

He carried on, "But I remember BEOMGYU's text the most. He kept asking me if I was okay. I told him that I was okay, but he didn't believe me." 

He added, "He was like, 'Hyung, just tell me. I know there's something going on with you.' He asked me to tell him about my concern until I told him. He's so caring." 

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