Kim Seon Ho Goes Around Checking Out His Subway Ads

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 18, 2021

Kim Seon Ho Goes Around Checking Out His Subway Ads
Actor Kim Seon Ho was spotted checking out subway advertisements that his fans had put up. 

On January 16, Kim Seon Ho updated his Instagram with three new photos. 

The photos showed Kim Seon Ho at a subway station, checking out special advertisements that fans had recently prepared for him. 
Kim Seon HoNot only did fans simply want to show their love and support for the actor through the advertisements, but they also wanted to promote Kim Seon Ho's play 'Ice' (literal title). 

Kim Seon Ho went around the subway station with a mask on to check these out. 
Kim Seon HoIt seemed like Kim Seon Ho was there either early in the morning or late at night, seeing there were not many people around. 

He took a selfie in front of one of the advertisements, and for the others, he took photos of his hand making a finger heart sign towards them. 

Kim Seon Ho looked truly happy to receive such amazing gifts from fans, which also made fans smile in happiness. 
Kim Seon Ho(Credit= 'seonho__kim' Instagram) 

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