VIDEO: MINHO Shares His Nervous & Frightening First Encounter with HeeChul

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 19, 2021

VIDEO: MINHO Shares His Nervous & Frightening First Encounter with HeeChul
K-pop boy group SHINee's member MINHO hilariously shared his story of meeting boy group Super Junior's member HeeChul for the very first time. 

On January 17 episode of SBS' television show 'My Little Old Boy', MINHO joined the talk. 
MINHODuring the talk, MINHO was asked what it was like when he met HeeChul for the first time. 

MINHO said, "I met HeeChul when he had just made his acting debut with 'Sharp' before Super Junior's debut. I had just joined the agency as a trainee. He was a star to me, you know." 

He continued, "I was close to all Super Junior members, but I didn't know him well. Before I went to their dorm, they warned me not to touch HeeChul's stuff, including his bed and cat. Their words got me really nervous." 
MINHOAs the host Shin Dong-yeop commented, "Ah, HeeChul was pretty sensitive at that time, wasn't he? He wasn't like himself now, right?" 

MINHO laughed and said, "Yes, you are right. At one point, I was left alone in the living room with HeeChul. He was playing a computer game. I felt super awkward and nervous that I sweated like a pig." 
MINHOHe resumed, "Thankfully, he asked me a question first. As he was playing a game, he asked whether I was a new trainee. I gave him a detailed answer, telling him how long I've been training for as well as who I train with." 

He added, "HeeChul responded, 'Okay, hope you continue training well.' without even turning around. Then, he just carried on playing a game. That was my first encounter with HeeChul. Interesting, right?" 

Lastly, MINHO commented, "He's really changed a lot since then. Seeing him made me realize how much an individual can change." 

(Credit= SBS My Little Old Boy, KBS Sharp) 

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