The Members of GOT7 Write a Handwritten Letter to Fans Upon Leaving JYP Ent.

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 20, 2021

The Members of GOT7 Write a Handwritten Letter to Fans Upon Leaving JYP Ent.
K-pop boy group GOT7 members shared their words to fans upon leaving their management agency JYP Entertainment. 

On January 19, all members of GOT7―JB, MARK, JACKSON, JINYOUNG, YOUNGJAE, BAMBAM and YUGYEOM shared the same handwritten letter on their social media. 

The letter was addressed to IGOT7 (the name of GOT7's fandom) written by all members of GOT7. 
GOT7In the letter, they wrote, "Hi, IGOT7. This is GOT7. First, please let us apologize to you for making you read this for this reason." 

They continued, "We have decided not to renew our contract with JYP Entertainment, where we began our career. They've done the best for us though," and explained, "We are planning on opening the new chapter of our lives, and wanted to make sure you were the first one to know about it." 

They went on, "We know whatever we say won't ease your pain as well as to make your anxiety go away, but there is one thing we can say to you." 
GOT7Then, GOT7 members expressed their wish to continue doing music for IGOT7.

They said, "We would like to say that we don't want our memories with you kept in the past; we want to keep creating memories with you in the future." 

Lastly, they added, "Let us show ourselves growing in different ways. We will keep improving ourselves. Keep an eye on us. Love you, IGOT7." 
GOT7Previously, JYP Entertainment shared that they decided to part ways with GOT7 on January 18 without renewing the contract. 

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