The Members of 'Running Man' Vote on the Best-looking Member Out of Them

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 20, 2021

The Members of 'Running Man' Vote on the Best-looking Member Out of Them
The members of 'Running Man' chose who they think the best-looking member of them all. 

Recently, one past episode of SBS' television show 'Running Man' from last year started going around online. 
Running ManIn this episode, 'Running Man' members were seen voting to see who they thought the best-looking member was. 

First, Lee Kwang Soo said, "It has to be Song Ji-hyo. But I'm the second!" 

Yu Jae Seok also said, "Yeah, I'm the second as well. I also think the first one is Song Ji-hyo." 
Running ManHAHA commented while looking at Jeon So Min, "You are in the second with me, Jeon So Min." 

He continued with a playful smile, "Actually, you are not as good-looking as I am! But yes, Song Ji-hyo is the best-looking person out of us." 
Running ManThen when it was Song Ji-hyo's turn, she said, "The second best-looking person has to be Jeon So Min." 

'Running Man' members responded, "Oh, so Jeon So Min can't win you?" 

She boldly resumed, "Well, that's not something I can help. It's just way it is, you know. They are things in life that'll always just going to be a 'No'." 
Running ManRegarding this part of the episode, fans left comments such as, "It's funny how everyone thinks they are the second best-looking one.", "I mean, Ji-hyo's beauty is on another level, isn't it?", "She's so beautiful. I would admire myself in the mirror 24/7 if I looked like Ji-hyo unnie!" and so on. 

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