DARA Makes Fans Worry with Her Swollen Neck

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 21, 2021

DARA Makes Fans Worry with Her Swollen Neck
Fans are concerned after seeing K-pop artist DARA's neck swollen. 

On January 19 episode of MBC every1's television show 'Video Star', DARA made her fans worry. 

While DARA smoothly hosted the show, fans could not help but notice her swollen neck. 

As they were seeing more and more of DARA's close-ups, they became certain that her neck was unusually swollen. 

They said it almost looked like she has a problem with her thyroid. 
DARAAccording to fans, DARA's neck has never been this swollen in the past. 

Even last month, her neck looked completely fine when seen on television. 

After spotting this, many fans took to DARA's social media to express their concern over her health. 

They wrote comments such as, "You should go see a doctor. Your neck looks too swollen.", "I'm worried about you. Please give yourself enough rest.", "Please be well at all times, unnie!" and so on. 
DARA(Credit= MBC every1 Video Star)

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