VIDEO: Kim Ki Bum Shares Why He Left Super Junior

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 25, 2021

VIDEO: Kim Ki Bum Shares Why He Left Super Junior
Actor Kim Ki Bum shared why he decided to leave K-pop boy group Super Junior. 

On January 20, Kim Ki Bum uploaded a new video on his YouTube channel. 

The video showed Kim Ki Bum sitting down for a talk over beer with HeeChul of Super Junior. 
Kim Ki BumDuring their conversation, HeeChul asked Kim Ki Bum what sort of memories he has as a member of Super Junior. 

Kim Ki Bum answered, "I remember the time when our agency forming a new boy group with me, you and some hyungs who trained with us in it." 

He continued, "So many trainees joined the group, and we became too busy that we couldn't even sleep. It was hard to focus on one thing properly." 
Kim Ki BumHeeChul responded, "Ah yes, we were actually Super Junior 05 who were supposed to depart the group at the end of 2005. But as it did so well, we stayed after 2005." 

He resumed, "I know you well, you know. I know how much you struggled at that time. You were always very nervous during recordings because you were worried about your pronunciation." 

Kim Ki Bum commented, "It was killing me. I was so embarrassed of myself. I even asked producers if they could stop giving me parts to sing." 
Kim Ki BumThen HeeChul asked real reasons why he chose to leave Super Junior. 

Kim Ki Bum said, "One day, I raised my hand up and said I wanted to leave the group. I wanted to concentrate on building my acting career." 

He added, "I have some good memories with Super Junior members, but it would be a lie to say that there aren't any bad memories as well." 

Kim Ki Bum made debut as a member of Super Junior in 2005. 

But he stopped promoting as Super Junior from 2009, and officially departed the group in 2015.

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