VIDEO: Suzy Shares Whether She Knows How Pretty She Is

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 26, 2021

VIDEO: Suzy Shares Whether She Knows How Pretty She Is
K-pop artist/actress Suzy gave an answer to a fan's question asking her whether she knows how pretty she is. 

On January 23, Suzy's online concert 'Suzy: A Tempo' took place in celebration of her 10th debut anniversary.

At the concert, Suzy showed her flawlessly performances to songs such as 'Bad Girl Good Girl', 'Good Bye Baby', 'Hush', 'Breathe' and more. 
In the middle of the concert, Suzy also took time to answer some pre-sent questions by fans. 

Fans asked her various questions, and one of the questions was, "Why are you pretty all the time? Do you know that yourself, Suzy?" 

Without hesitation, Suzy answered with a shy smile, "Yes, I know. I'm sorry." 

After that, Suzy burst out laughing and could not stop laughing for ages. 

While streaming live to this part, fans commented, "Haha I love her honesty.", "I mean, how could she not know?!", "I would be angry if she said she didn't know!" and so on. 
On this day, around one million people around the world said to have watched Suzy's concert. 

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