EXO D.O. Greets Fans Following His Military Discharge

Jan 26, 2021

EXO D.O. Greets Fans Following His Military Discharge
D.O. of K-pop boy group EXO interacted with his fans for the first time since his recent military discharge.

On January 26, D.O. took to EXO's V Live channel and answered various questions that he received from fans.
D.O.The singer/actor first started off his live broadcast by saying, "Hello, my dear fans. I have safely returned from my military service. I really want to say thank you to everyone for waiting for me."

When asked about his future plans, D.O. shared, "I'm currently filming a movie called 'The Moon'. I cannot tell you the details yet, but it's really interesting. I hope everyone looks forward to the upcoming film."
D.O.In terms of his future music career, he said, "I really want to share new music with you, so I'm working hard on it. The songs are ready, and I'm currently working on the lyrics."

When asked about his plans to release a solo album, D.O. revealed, "It will be out when it's all complete. I will do my best to speed up and release it soon."
D.O.Following his military discharge, D.O. treated his fans to a new live clip for his solo song 'That's Okay', which was released on the day of his enlistment back in 2019.

You can watch the live video below:

(Credit= 'EXO' V Live, 'EXO' YouTube, Online Community)

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