Park Eun-seok Under Fire for Changing His Pets Too Often

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 27, 2021

Park Eun-seok Under Fire for Changing His Pets Too Often
Actor Park Eun-seok is currently being heavily criticized for changing his pets too frequently. 

On January 26, a person claiming to be Park Eun-seok's university friend shared a post about the actor on social media. 

This person expressed anger in his/her post about Park Eun-seok "shamelessly" appearing on television shows with his two new cats and 3-month old puppy. 

He/she said, "When Park Eun-seok was a university student, he had a Beagle. But his girlfriend at that time didn't like the dog, so he changed to a smaller dog." 

He/she continued, "Where did that small dog go as well? I really hope he would stop pretending as if he is an animal lover. I hate people who treat animals like they are expendable supplies. They have feelings, you know." 
Park Eun-seok's petsAfter this post started to spread widely online, Park Eun-seok's old fans came along and added that the actor used to have many types of pets in the past. 

They said, "Park Eun-seok also had a Shar Pei, Old English Sheepdog, Toy Poodle, Scottish Fold, Russian Blue and hedgehog before, but they kept disappearing. We always wondered where they were."  

As many read this, they left comments such as, "How irresponsible! I'm so disappointed in you, Park Eun-seok.", "Nobody should change their pets as if they are purses.", "Please explain where your past pets are." and so on. 
Park Eun-seok's petsThen in the morning of January 27, Park Eun-seok's management agency Hunus Entertainment shared a brief response. 

The agency stated, "We have checked everything, and nothing online is true. Park Eun-seok's friends are raising his past pets." 

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