"I Can't Imagine My Life Without Him" HyunA Shares What DAWN Means to Her

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 27, 2021

"I Can't Imagine My Life Without Him" HyunA Shares What DAWN Means to Her
K-pop artist HyunA shared what her boyfriend another K-pop artist DAWN means to her. 

On January 24, fashion magazine W Korea shared a recent interview of HyunA online. 
HyunADuring the interview, HyunA answered a question about DAWN. 

The interviewer said to HyunA, "I happened to interview DAWN last fall. I asked him what you mean to him. He said you provide him mental stability." 

He/she continued, "He also said that he became kind after meeting you. Before he met you, he wasn't a kind person, according to him. What is DAWN to you?" 
HyunAHyunA laughed and responded, "Yes, that's true. I'm glad that he knows that. He's really changed after meeting me." 

The K-pop star continued, "DAWN is everything to me. He's the biggest motivation of my life, someone I love the most and best friend who I can spend 24/7 with." 

She resumed, "He is also my musical rival who makes me push myself to go over my limit, someone who is able to get me out of my sad and depressed mood." 

She added, "When I'm fed up with the world, he quietly gives me the energy and support that I need. There is nothing that can replace him. I honestly can't imagine my life without him." 
HyunAHyunA and DAWN have been together since 2016, and made their relationship public in 2018.

(Credit= 'hyunah_aa' Instagram, W Korea) 

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