VIDEO: BAE173 HANGYUL Talks About Growing Up in a Children's Home

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 29, 2021

VIDEO: BAE173 HANGYUL Talks About Growing Up in a Children's Home
HANGYUL of K-pop boy group BAE173 shares what it was like to grow up in a children's home. 

Recently, HANGYUL's interview was uploaded on one YouTube channel. 

During the interview, HANGYUL was asked about his early childhood life in a children's home. 

HANGYUL said, "I lived in a children's home until the first grade in elementary school. I was there since I was a baby." 

He continued, "I met my mother when I was around six years old. She was one of the volunteers. I became really close to her. She was so nice to me." 
HANGYULThen, HANGYUL said that he had to move to another children's home after some time. 

HANGYUL said, "I thought it was a goodbye with her for good at that time. She didn't know where I went at first, but managed to find where I was and came to see me regularly again."

The K-pop star resumed, "One day, I told her that I didn't want to live in a children't home anymore, and she told me to wait a while. Then, she adopted me." 
HANGYULHe went on, "My mother is such an amazing person. She started to raise me as soon as her own sons became adults. Although I didn't listen to her at times, I think I grew up pretty well." 

After that, he added, "I'm honestly not ashamed that I used to grow up in a children's home. I hope all other people who grew up in a children's home won't feel embarrassed of their background. It's not something you would get made fun of." 

HANGYUL made debut as a member of BAE173 on November 19, 2020. 

(Credit= KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC' YouTube, 'Bae173' Facebook)

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