Gyeong Ree & Jeong Jinwoon Enjoy a Coffee Date Together

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 29, 2021

Gyeong Ree & Jeong Jinwoon Enjoy a Coffee Date Together
Gyeong Ree of disbanded girl group 9MUSES and her boyfriend Jeong Jinwoon of K-pop boy group 2AM were spotted on a coffee date together. 

On January 28, Jeong Jinwoon updated his Instagram with a new photo. 

The photo showed Jeong Jinwoon sitting down at a coffee shop, talking to someone on the phone. 
Jeong JinwoonA little while later, Gyeong Ree also uploaded photos of herself at the same coffee shop. 

In the photos, Gyeong Ree made different poses while holding a drink in her hand. 

It turned out they were having a coffee date at this coffee shop and took photos of each other while doing so. 

They also did not forget to 'like' each other's photos right after the upload on Instagram.  
Gyeong ReeBack in November 2019, it was reported that Jeong Jinwoon and Gyeong Ree were dating each other.

Following the report, they both admitted that they were in a relationship since the end of 2017.

(Credit= 'gyeongree' 'jinwoon52' Instagram) 

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