Yoo Sun Shares How Amazing Yoona's Personality Is

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 1, 2021

Yoo Sun Shares How Amazing Yoona's Personality Is
Actress Yoo Sun revealed what Yoona of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation is like in real life. 

On January 29, Yoo Sun updated her Instagram with some new photos.
Yoo Sun and YoonaThe photos showed Yoo Sun and Yoona posing together on the set of their drama 'Hush'. 

Under this post, Yoo Sun wrote a caption complimenting Yoona's personality. 

Yoo Sun said, "I took photos with Yoona on the last day of my shooting. She made all members of our team happy with her smile and kindness." 

She continued, "During our shooting, it really made me realize why everybody talks about Yoona all the time. She was that great." 

She went on, "She always worked hard and was polite. I'll miss you very much, Yoona."
Yoo Sun and YoonaYoona is much known for being polite and kind on site, and Yoo Sun's post once again proved Yoona's incredible personality. 

(Credit= 'yoo_sun0129' Instagram)

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