Minzy Talks About Almost Making Debut Under SM Entertainment

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 1, 2021

Minzy Talks About Almost Making Debut Under SM Entertainment
K-pop artist Minzy shared that she almost made debut under SM Entertainment. 

On February 1 episode of KBS Cool FM's radio show 'Park Myung-soo's Radio Show', Minzy made a guest appearance. 
MinzyDuring the talk, Minzy revealed that she auditioned for SM Entertainment before joining YG Entertainment. 

Minzy said, "After auditioning for SM Entertainment, they told me to start training as soon as I could. It seemed like they were in a rush for something."

She continued, "Not long after that, girl group f(x) made debut. If I had joined SM Entertainment then, I think I might have become a member of f(x)."
MinzyThen, Minzy said that she was actually preparing to make solo debut upon joining YG Entertainment. 

The K-pop star said, "One day though, producer Teddy got me to listen to a song. That was 'Pretty Boy'." 

She went on, "The members of 2NE1 and I recorded it for practice, but it turned out to sound so great." 

She added, "Then, Teddy commented, 'You girls need to make debut as a group.' That's how we ended up debuting as 2NE1." 
MinzyMinzy made debut as a member of 2NE1 in 2009 along with Park Bom, DARA and CL. 

After the end of her contract with YG Entertainment as well as disbandment of the group in 2016, she has been focusing on building her career as a soloist. 

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