One ARMY Meets RM Far Before She Became a BTS Fan

Feb 2, 2021

One ARMY Meets RM Far Before She Became a BTS Fan
One fan of K-pop boy group BTS shared her story of meeting RM in person way before she became a fan. 

On February 2, one Twitter post shared by an ARMY (BTS' official fan club) became a hot topic among BTS' fans.
RMIn the post, the fan shared her experience of bumping into RM while on vacation in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She wrote, "So, I was scrolling through my gallery looking for pictures from 2019 when I went to Copenhagen. I came across this photo that I took of my mom on a boat tour, and when I zoomed in the picture I started crying and screaming from happiness. It was Kim Namjoon (RM's real name) right behind my mom."
RMThe fan continued, "I wasn't a fan back then, and I had no idea who those people were. I'd never checked the photo until today and I'm totally losing my mind. I couldn't believe it, still can't."

She explained, "He was there with two friends, and the boat tour went on for about an hour and a half."
RMUpon hearing her surprising story, fans commented, "This is so crazy.", "If that happened to me, I might want to go back in time.", "I always wonder if I ever bumped into them while I wasn't a fan. This is amazing!", and many more.

(Credit= Big Hit Entertainment, 'tetestears' Twitter)

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