IZ*ONE Lee Chae Yeon & ITZY CHAERYEONG Share What They Learn from Each Other

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 2, 2021

IZ*ONE Lee Chae Yeon & ITZY CHAERYEONG Share What They Learn from Each Other
K-pop star sisters Lee Chae Yeon of girl group IZ*ONE and CHAERYEONG of another girl group ITZY shared what they learn from each other. 

On February 2, news outlet Sports Seoul shared an interview of Lee Chae Yeon and CHAERYEONG. 

During the interview, the interviewer asked whether there were any benefits of working in the same industry. 

Lee Chae Yeon said, "We can easily relate to one another. So, our conversation always flows well." 

She continued, "I think that also helps us to become closer. We think of each other more. I'm really glad we have each other to rely on." 
Lee Chae Yeon and CHAERYEONGCHAERYEONG said, "Last year, I got to see IZ*ONE's performance at one festival. At that time, their fans were so loud and filled with excitement." 

She went on, "Our official lightstick wasn't out yet, but IZ*ONE's lightstick was. Their fans were shaking about the lightsticks so much. It was just really interesting to see." 

She added, "Chae Yeon has always been the same person. I take that very highly. When I look at her, I think to myself, 'I want to be more like her.'" 
Lee Chae Yeon and CHAERYEONGThen, they were asked what strengths they saw in each other. 

Lee Chae Yeon said, "Unlike me, CHAERYEONG is calm and quiet. She is able to shine on stage as well. I love her soft and tender dance moves." 

CHAERYEONG also gave her answer, "Not only is Chae Yeon funny, but is also very pure. She laughs a lot, and knows how to spread her happiness to people around her. 
Lee Chae Yeon and CHAERYEONGLee Chae Yeon and CHAERYEONG often get mistaken as twins due to their strong resemblance, but are actually a year apart.

Since the young age, they dreamed of making debut into the world of K-pop.

After Lee Chae Yeon made debut in October, 2018, CHAERYEONG debuted about four months later in February 2019. 

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