Lee Da Hee Says, "I'm Not the Type of Girl that Many Guys Would Go for"

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 2, 2021

Lee Da Hee Says, "I'm Not the Type of Girl that Many Guys Would Go for"
Actress Lee Da Hee shared that she thinks she is not the popular type among guys. 

On January 31 episode of SBS' television show 'My Little Old Boy', Lee Da Hee made a special appearance. 

As Lee Da Hee has a lot of action scenes in her current drama, she was asked if that was not too difficult for her. 

Lee Da Hee answered with a confident smile, "Well, I'm quite good at things like that. Filming those scenes is really fun."
Lee Da HeeShin Dong-yeop commented, "You seem like a very honest person, Da Hee. Do you know that you are pretty yourself as well then?" 

Lee Da Hee answered while laughing, "Yes, I think I'm pretty. I feel like I have the look that people nowadays likes though." 

She resumed, "But I am tall and have broad shoulders. If I gain a little bit of weight, my shoulders look too broad." 
Lee Da HeeThen, Lee Da Hee was asked what she is like when she is in a relationship. 

Lee Da Hee responded, "I don't hide my feelings. I tend to express all the feelings I have inside. I like guys who are also expressive of their feelings." 

She continued, "I have to say though, I'm not the type of girl that many guys would go for." 

(Credit= 'dahee0315' Instagram, SBS My Little Old Boy)

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