Jamie Shares Jo Kwon Was the Scariest Trainee at JYP Entertainment

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 8, 2021

Jamie Shares Jo Kwon Was the Scariest Trainee at JYP Entertainment
K-pop artist Jamie shared how scary Jo Kwon of K-pop boy group 2AM was when they were both still trainees. 

On February 6 episode of KBS' television show 'Immortal Songs: Singing the Legends', Jamie, Jo Kwon and another 2AM member Lee Chang Min made a guest appearance. 
Jo KwonOn this day, Jo Kwon and Lee Chang Min happened to compete each other with their performance. 

In prior to their match, Jamie made an honest comment about it. 

Jamie said, "Jo Kwon has to win. He really hates to lose; he's more competitive than anyone here can imagine. That's just how he's always been." 

She jokingly continued, "I have no intention to get involved in a fight between family members though." 
JamieThen, Jamie was asked who she believed was the scariest fellow trainee was at JYP Entertainment.

Jamie said, "Jo Kwon definitely was the scariest trainee out of all. He looked at me as if he was saying, 'Who the heck does she think she is?'" 

She continued, "But once you become close to Jo Kwon, you'll know he's the kindest guy in the world. He will look after you so well." 
JamieJo KwonJamie and Jo Kwon trained to become K-pop stars at JYP Entertainment for years together before making their debut. 

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