CL's Mother Passes Away Due to Heart Attack

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 10, 2021

CL's Mother Passes Away Due to Heart Attack
K-pop artist CL's mother passed away following a heart attack. 

On February 10, CL's management agency Team Very Cherry announced heartbreaking news. 

The agency said, "CL's mother passed away on January 23 at the age of 53. She suffered a heart attack." 

They continued, "At that time, she was staying abroad for a personal reason." 
CLThen, the agency shared about the funeral. 

The agency said, "The funeral will take place for three days from February 10. It will be held quietly with only family and close friends in attendance." 

They then concluded the announcement by saying, "Please send CL messages of comfort. May her mother rest in peace." 
CLUpon hearing this, fans around the world have been sending their deepest condolences to CL and her family. 

(Credit= 'chaelinCL' Instagram) 

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