Yoon Ji Sung Adopts a Rescue Dog After Studying About Dogs for a Year

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 10, 2021

Yoon Ji Sung Adopts a Rescue Dog After Studying About Dogs for a Year
K-pop artist Yoon Ji Sung decided to adopt a rescue dog recently. 

On February 9, Yoon Ji Sung updated his Instagram with a new post. 

The post included photos of adorable brown and white dog lying around Yoon Ji Sung's home. 
Yoon Ji Sung's dogIn this post, Yoon Ji Sung wrote, "I have a new family member named 'Vero', everyone."

He continued, "I have given a careful thought about start living with a dog at home for about a year. In the meantime, I studied about dogs." 

The K-pop star resumed, "Vero was saved from a container. After some time at the shelter, he met a very nice temporary caretaker. Then, he came to me." 

He added, "I hope all animals in this world live happily. Please don't buy dogs, adopt rescue dogs." 
Yoon Ji Sung's dogNot long afterwards, the temporary caretaker of 'Vero' shared a post on Instagram. 

He/she said, "Vero went to a new home where nice and caring siblings live together. They have been preparing to adopt a rescue dog for a long time, so I believe they will give the love and care that Vero needs." 

He/she went on, "I feel like I can trust them, and that puts my mind at ease. As soon as Vero got to their house, he pooped a lot. Then I thought, Vero will do well here." 
Yoon Ji Sung's dog(Credit= '_yoonj1sung_' Instagram)

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